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Rogue and Vagabond, more craft beer…

The bar on Garrett Street alongside Glover park (between Garrett and Ghuznee) has morphed again into the craft beer bar Rogue and Vagabond.

Rogue Vagabond decor

There’s a distinct rock’n’roll theme in the music, dress of the staff, and tap beer handles (records) here now. Along with some interesting art and a good selection of craft beers, both on tap and bottled.

All of which goes down quite nicely of an evening with the doors opened out to the park and a thin crust pizza on the way (pizza or toasties) to accompany a delicious beer (yay, they have real oatmeal stout!).

Rogue and Vagabond have live local music weekend evenings, and the most interestingly decorated toilet doors I’ve seen in a good long while (points if you can find the toilet entryway from the bar).

Rogue Vagabond pizza

The pizzas are interestingly named ‘Never mind the bollocks’, ‘A message to you Rudi’, etc, and good value at $15 – $20ish.

A really pleasant place to hang out and try another liquid creation from those who have the time and talent to create for the rest of us.

18 Garrett Street

Rogue Vagabond bar


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2 thoughts on “Rogue and Vagabond, more craft beer…

  1. You Wellingtonians really do a proper job with your craft beer bars. Looks like a worthwhile visit next time I’m down that way.

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